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Currently, i am having my mid semester break for a weekend. So, of course i brought a lot of my assignments. That day when i was packing my bag, i was trying to count how many books to bring home. And it was such an awkward moment when i suddenly realized that " Oh no more books?". To be exact, my fifth semester brought me to such new world. I was exposed to research, journals and a lot of critical subjects. A new semester with new responsibility. This semester, i chose to drive in Nilai to go for my classes or anywhere else. It is also a huge responsibility because that is my mother's car. Honestly, the day i really decided to finish my license as soon as possible is because i do really dont want to rely on my friend or my family. My parents wont let me going home using the KTM ( because there is no KTM in Semenyih okay. :p), but for sure i got that feeling that i was a burden to them. I decided to finish my license and be a big girl. Haha. One more thing it will easier for me to go anywhere, other than my classes. This semester i got a supervisor to meet, meetings to attend, and so much more. Yeah, for now seriously i am looking forward for my future. I couldnt rely on my friend's car all the time. I need to be independent. My random thought today, yesterday and maybe for the next day is "Now, I must do my decision by myself, i have to be a matured woman, not girls anymore, i think."

I got a question regarding my future last three days ago if im not mistaken. It was an important question yet a quite hard to answer. To be ready or not is the second question. The first question is, am i sure? Everyday, after i lost before this i prayed for the best. Allah guided me till the day the question came out. We have been through half of the journey, and I am very thankful that now i know where i should rely on--Him. I always have a belief that Allah showed me something in everything happened in my daily life either it  happens to me or to anyone else. Believing that everything i got today is rezqi. Rezqi comes in any forms. It can be money, but also dont forget that being healthy, happy, everyday are also rezqi. The concept of rezqi from my understanding, is whatever we got, we feel that bring happiness and serenity deep inside our heart are rezqi. Today, the floor you sit on, the home provided by your parents are rezqi. Then, you wake up everyday, you can see, feeling good and healthy are also rezqi. Somehow we always take things for granted. We complained a lot about this and that and our heart are blinded by not seeing the blessing and rezqi from Our Creator. May Allah guided us through any obstacles in our journey here--the world. Back to the question that being asked to me, first of all from the deepest place in my heart, i always pray that Allah will show us the best way, the blessed decision for us. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal wa ni'mah. We will go for it and plan for the best but for sure dont forget He also got His plan because He is the best Planner. The key is: Believe in Him, He knows best.

Indeed, "inna ma'al 'usri yusra"

Wanna know something?

If you saw the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting.


Nuur Shahirah,


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