POSTED ON Isnin, April 08, 2013 by Nuur Shahirah \\

It will come a day, when everyone will look to your name to find that you are « off line »

Your loved ones will wait for you to chat with them, but you will never come
They will send you e-mails, but you will never reply
They will wait for you for hours but you will never be online

Your status will always be “off line”

That day you will be gone
You won’t be able to chat with them or even comment on something
You won’t be able to apologize for the ones whom you wronged
You won’t be with us that day

You will be in a deep, dark hole, all alone
Maybe you will be regretting your bad deeds
Maybe your good deeds will keep you company
You will leave us, nothing remain after you but what you wrote/share with us

So, be sure that what you will leave after you will be just current good deeds
One day, everyone will be judged
So, try quickly to change and to be better
Simply, because you are now still “on line” 

By Dr. Wajdi Ghanim



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