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And I found this beautiful too

#1. Let not the people come to know except of your happiness, and let them not see except your smile. If life 
becomes constricted upon you, then within the Qur’an lies your orchard. If you feel curtailed and restricted, 
then to the heavens raise your call. And if they ask you of your affairs, then praise Allah and smile.

#2 If you see an ant on the path, then do not crush it, and seek the Face of Allah thereby, so that He will have 
mercy on you like you had mercy on it, and remember that it glorifies Allah, so do not halt this glorification by 
killing it 

#3. And if you pass by a bird drinking from the blessing of water, then do not pass close to it in case you 
startle it, and seek the Face of Allah thereby, so that He grants you safety from fear on the Day when hearts 
shall reach the throat.

#4. And if you come across a cat in the middle of the road, then avoid hitting it, and seek the Face of Allah 
thereby, so that He protects you from an evil death.

#5. And if you want to throw out food, then make it your intention that animals can eat from it, and seek the 
Face of Allah thereby, so that He provides you from whence you do not expect.

#6  Do good, no matter how small it seems to you, because you do not know which good deed will enter you into Paradise. 

#7. And if you wish to spread this statement, then intend good, so that Allah may relieve you of trials of this 
world and the Hereafter.

source: Muslim Teen Reads


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